Tragic Love Story of Rick Moranis and his late wife Anne Moranis

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anne-moranis-picsRick Moranis and his beloved wife Anne Moranis had a great time together until the death of Anne.  Rick and Anne were madly in love with each other and converted their love relationship into marriage. No sooner they were married, they were proud parents of two kids. Rick had maintained his profession and personal life smoothly. But when his wife Anne passed away in 1991, his heart was broken and couldn’t give continuity to his work. He disappeared from the lime light for two years. To erase the pain and to move forward in life he took the bold decision to quit movies but he was active as a father in his personal life.

He brought up his two children in the absence of Anne. Being a beloved father he always stood by his children side and never made them miss their angel mother.


Many people are in dilemma about Rick Moranis love relationship after the demise of Anne. To the surprise Rick is single and a proud dad. He is not interested in extending marriage vows near in the future. He is satisfied and happy with his single life and enjoying his career.

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