Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington takes own life in Los Angeles

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RIP Chester Bennington

Bennington, 41, the lead singer of the rock band, was found dead by a housekeeper in the bedroom of his Los Angeles home just before 9am local time (11pm AEST).

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office is treating it as a suspected suicide.

The singer is survived by his wife of twelve years, Talinda Ann Bennington (nee Bentley), and six children – Jamie, 21, Isaiah, 19, Draven, 15, Tyler Lee, 11, and Lily and Lila, 7.

It is understood they were not at the house when the incident took place He was alone at the time.

Just a week earlier, Bennington’s son Tyler left a post-it note on his father’s coffee mug, telling him to enjoy his day.

“Dad, enjoy your rehersal or whatever your doing today,” Tyler wrote.

“Love life because it’s a ‘Casltel of Glass’.”

His death has shocked the world, leavings fans and other musicians in disbelief.