Who is Michael Levine (DEA) ?

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Who is Michael Levine (DEA) ?

Michael Levine was born on December 20, 1939. He is a former senior United States law enforcement agent and has been called “America’s top undercover cop for 25 years” by 60 Minutes.

A 25-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) he has gained much attention for his criticisms of the CIA and the influence it has played on DEA operations.

He has even gone as far as claiming the CIA was instrumental in the creation of La Corporación, the “General Motors of cocaine”.

Levine has testified as an expert witness in 500 civil and criminal trials internationally and domestically and has lectured on Undercover Operations and Human Intelligence for a wide range of professional audiences ranging from the Defense Intelligence Agency and the FBI advanced undercover seminar to the New York State Department of Justice Services and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.