Is Josina Anderson a millionaire reporter? Know about her Net Worth and Career

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Josina Anderson
Josina Anderson (Source: zimbio)

American sports reporter Josina Anderson was awarded for her good work in the field of sports reporting. She has already worked for Fox Sports, ESPN and more. Her presence in the shows like NFL, NFL Insiders, NFL Live, NFL Countdown, and Sports Center were remarkable.

Josina won the heart of sports lover by actively making her involved in the field of sports reporting. So many of us mayn’t know much of her personal life and we are uncovering some of her facts of her life.

Josina Anderson’s Net Worth

Josina Anderson  had worked as an anchor in the beginning career in 2000 but she got noticed after her involvement as a reporter. She has worked as a reporter for many magazines like Roundball Report, Sideline Report, Redskins Magazine and more until she came up with her own segment “ScoopCenter in WKYS 93.9”.

Though Josina Anderson is popular in her professional life but her personal life is barely known. As  per the rumors she is supposed to have a net worth of around $2.2 million. She gets handsome salary as her popularity which has added in her wealth. Since Josina has already worked for ESPN, she might be paid around $41 per hour. It is said that she is paid higher than that as she more than just a reporter in ESPN.

As we have already indicated that Josina Anderson has never ever revealed anything regarding her personal information, we are still not being able to find out her exact figure of salary.

However, while going through, we found out that the average salary of professional sports announcers was around $79, 050. Since Josina is a determined and hard working in nature, she might be paid higher than that.

Josina Anderson

Josina Anderson

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Josina Anderson’s Career

Before entering into the media sector, Josina started from a field and track star to American Youth Ballet. It was 2000 when she started her TV career as a sports reporter at CBS.

Later, after a year, she served for “Redskins Magazine”. She was also awarded as the “Heartland Emmy Award” for “A Premonition to Addis Ababa”.

It was in the year 2011, she finally joined ESPN. In around August 2015, she was only the lady or say the first lady to serve as NFL Insider. Since then she worked for many other channels too.

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