Who is Olivia Attwood ? What she did before she became a contestant on reality ITV2 romance show Love Island ?

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Who is Olivia Attwood ? What she did before she became a contestant on reality ITV2 romance show Love Island ?

 2, 1991 in England. Her Birth Sign is Taurus.

She is a British contestant on reality ITV2 romance show Love Island.

She is 26 years old (at the time of the show airing in the UK) and hails from Surrey.

Like most contestants on the show she’s no stranger to modelling and her good looks have certainly caught the eye of the boys on the show.

Before taking part in the 2017 series of Love Island, Olivia described her profession as being a Motorsport Grid Girl.

Working around noisy race tracks might be one reason that Olivia likes “loudmouth” men – she must be used to loud noises.

She was initially paired with Marcel Somerville on Love Island in 2017.

How Olivia had her heart broken before ?

Olivia says she’s had her heart broken before.

“Yes my ex boyfriend,” she explained. “We were together for four or five years and he ended it, which came totally out of the blue. I was devastated. Then he did change his mind and try to get me back but I was done then. I don’t think he’d watch me on this show – he’d find it too hard. I wouldn’t get back with him, it’s done.”

Worst date in Olivia’s life

“I don’t really like dates generally. I don’t like going on formal dates. I went to the theatre with someone and fell asleep. We were in Las Vegas and it was a circus show, but I was really hungover. Suffice to say it was the only date we went on.”

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