Who is Mike Tyson ? Who is Mike Tyson Dating ? Net Worth ?

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Who is Mike Tyson ?

# Mike Tyson was born as Mike Gerard Tyson to parents Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Lorna Tyson in June 30, 1966. He grew up in the city of Brooklyn, New York.

# Mike Tyson is invariably one of the most prominent boxers of this century who was also nicknamed “Iron Mike” for his skills in the ring.

# Tyson is famous for the ear biting of his rival in the ring and some movies he has done in Hollywood.

# Tyson has a height of 5 feet 10 inches and was the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of the world in 1986.

# When he was a kid of two years of age his father left his family and his mother had to take care of the children.

# Tyson thus began on a criminal and violent path.

# Tyson joined a gang called Jolly Stompers and Tyson was robbing stores at the age of eleven.

# After several criminal charges in the juvenile age, Tyson was sent to Tryon School for Boys in New York as a reform school.

# It was there in the Tryon School under Bob Stewart that Tyson learnt boxing and later was sent to D’Amato who made Tyson’s career as a prominent boxer possible.

# In 1981 and 1982, Tyson won the gold medals at the Junior Olympics.

# In 1982, Tyson’s mother died due to cancer.

# This was a sad personal loss for him. In the 1984 Olympics trial, Tyson lost against Henry Tillman and was thus not selected for the American Olympics squad.

# It was then Tyson turned to professional Boxing.

# He started out in March 6, 1985 and knocked his opponent in one round. He regularly knocked out his opponents in the first round which made him a legend as “Iron Mike”.

# The second tragedy happened in his life when D’Amato died and then Rooney took over.

# #When Tyson defeated Michael Spinks in 91 seconds, it caused Spinks to go into retirement. But then came his downfall.

# Tyson changed his fighting style and thus lost his title to Buster Douglas in 1990.

# Then more problems happened.

# It seemed like Tyson was onto the path of his childhood after Amato’s death.

# In 1992, Tyson was convicted for raping Miss Black Rhode Island and while service 3 years in prison, he converted into Islam.

# Mike Tyson was now Malik Abdul Aziz. In 1995, Tyson came out of prison but started exhibiting weird behavior.

# Tyson lost the match against Evander Holyfield both times.

# In the rematch, Tyson bit the ears of Holyfield and tore a part of his ear out. After that he was also involved in road incident for assaulting road motorists.

# Tyson knew he had to quit and thus before the 7th round in his fight with Kevin McBride, he announced retirement. After that he appeared in movies and television.

# He was in the movie “The hangover” and also in the stage show “Mike Tyson; Undisputed truth”.

# Tyson has also been involved with several lawsuits with his coaches.

# In 2003, Tyson also filed for bankruptcy. Tyson has also been involved in narcotics and drugs throughout the years.

# Though his shortfalls, Tyson is undoubtedly a great athlete and boxer.

Who is Mike Tyson Dating ?

# Tyson has been married three times till now.

# The first was with actress Robin Givens and they separated within a year. Then Tyson married Monica Turner and they had two children, Rayna and Amir.

# They separated in 2003.

# His daughter Exodus died in 2009 in an accident in the treadmill.

# His third marriage was with Lakiha Spicer in 2009 and has a daughter Milan and son Morocco.

# His other children are Mikey, Miguel and D’Amato.

Quick Facts

  • Birthday: June 30, 1966 (age 51 years)
  • Birth Place: Brownsville, New York City, New York, United States
  • Birth Name:  Mike Gerard Tyson
  • Famous As: Mike Tyson
  • Zodiac Sign‎: ‎Cancer
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Weight: 109 kg
  • Spouse: Lakiha Spicer (m. 2009), Monica Turner (m. 1997–2003), Robin Givens (m. 1988–1989)
  • Children: Rayna Tyson, Amir Tyson, Miguel Leon Tyson
  • Total fights‎: ‎58
  • Weight(s)‎: ‎Heavyweight
  • Wins by KO‎: ‎44
  • Wins‎: ‎50
  • Net Worth: $3 million

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