Who is Theresa Barket ?


Theresa Barketको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Who is Theresa Barket ?

Theresa Barket (also known as Wifeboe or Therboe) is Dane Boedigheimer‘s wife who first appeared in The Onion Ring and in a short on Daneboe’s Channel called Screaming Eggs.

She also made some appearances in other of Gagfilms’ main works, often killing or traumatizing innocent food.

According to Dane Boedigheimer, she was his fiancée (to be married).

As of August 2012 they are already married (according to Boedigheimer’s Facebook page).

In a future episode, she might portray another character. She was turned into one of the Onion Rings in The Onion Ring.

Source: www.annoyingorange.wikia.com