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Shireen Mirza Biography & Wiki Facts



Real Name: Shireen Mirza

Occupation : Actress

Age : Not Disclosed

Birthplace : Jaipur

Shireen Mirza Height: 1.77 m

Shireen Mirza Weight: 53 KG

Shoe Size: 9

Shireen Mirza Breast Size: 34

Shireen Mirza Bra Size: 32

Bra Cup Size: B

Shireen Mirza Waist Size: 25

Shireen Mirza Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Black

Hairstyle: Long

Hips size: 34

Dress Size: 4US

Parents : Unknown

Siblings : Nausheen Mirza

Boyfriend : Unknown

Education : Maharani College, Jaipur

Net Worth : Unknown

Nationality : Indian

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