Is Adriana Catano Single or married? What is the relationship of Catano and Jorge Salinas


Adriana Catano is a well known TV presenter and actress. She is extremely popular for looks and voice. She is admired by the public for her talent. She rules the media as a queen. Though she is extremely well known in the media about her profession. Her personal life is hided from the media but it in not unknown. She was in relationship with Jorge Salinas though she never married Salinas.


Jorge Salinas is twice divorcee (Fatima Boggio in 1995 and Elizabeth Álvarez in 2011). Adriana and Jorge have two daughters together without marriage. Their First daughter Gabriela Salinas is popular in the social networking sites. Like mother like daughter Gabriela has amazing looks. She is gaining media attention for her makeup skills.

Adriana is very positive towards her life and has faith toward the god for every good happenings in her life. She believes life has both negative and positive aspects and says we should never forget to count our blessings instead of complaining of what we don’t have. This single mother seems to have gratefulness for her life and her two lovely daughters.

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