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Brandon Bowen Biography & Wiki Facts

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Who is Brandon Bowen ?

Brandon Bowen is a popular “Viner” from Georgia. The teen, who has more than 85,000 followers on the social network, recently saw a lot of traction from a Vine he posted for his haters. He was born on  January 21, 1998 in Ocilla, Georgia.

He posted his first video to Vine, called “#howto go fishing #fishing #comedy,” on June 26, 2013.

He crossed the 1 million follower mark on Vine at the end of 2014.

His Birth Sign is Aquarius.

How old is Brandon Bowen?

Vine Star Brandon Bowen is just 19 years old. His date of birth is  21, 1998. This guy is from Ocilla, Georgia.

What is Brandon Bowen Net Worth ?

Brandon Bown Net Worth is Unknown.

Quick Facts about Brandon Bowen

  • Real Name: Brandon Bowen
  • Occupation : Internet Personality
  • Age : 18 years old
  • Height : 5 feet 5 inches
  • Weight : 70 kg
  • Parents : Unknown
  • Girlfriend : Unknown
  • Nationality : America
  • Net Worth: Unknown


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